22 February 2011

More Everday Cards

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I really like pinks & browns together.The middle card is more of a peach/salmon color but I like the combo.

17 February 2011

Laveen Bit BBQ

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A couple of the four-legged attendees

15 February 2011

A day at the Laveen Pit BBQ.


Our displays, some of the crowds milling about, and finally Jen at the booth. it only got to 77F, but it felt like 95F!!!
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11 February 2011

Purple Gingham Baby Card

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More gingham rubber ducky baby cards!

10 February 2011

Pink Gingham Baby Card

I got on a little kick of gingham and ducks for baby cards.
This is a special one for a co-worker
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09 February 2011

Blue gingham Baby card

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Blue Gingham baby card. I don't think I've used orange yet. Tee hee.

08 February 2011


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I love these "HOT LIPS" Valentine's. Fun to make!

07 February 2011

Rubber Ducky

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Yellow rubber ducky gingham card

03 February 2011

More bookmarks

Instead of tassels, I used paper flowers for the top.
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02 February 2011


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I've decided that scraps make great bookmarks. These are 8" x 2" overall, and I learned
how to make the tassels here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ra2qbqISwsM&feature=feedf
I've been using craft thread, which unlike embroidery floss doesn't unravel and is a lot cheaper!

01 February 2011

Blue & Brown

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A non-traditional color scheme for Valentine's Day, but the blue & brown are
really pretty together. And let's face it, not everyone likes pink!