24 December 2009


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My newest kitty, Monster. Brian has taken to calling him Muppet though

20 December 2009

Christmas Cards II

Assorted designs. The middle one uses the Iris Folding Technique.

18 December 2009

more cards :)

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More center open cards, I used dimensional stickers and punched out the trees and stars.

16 December 2009

More Christmas Cards

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This one opens in the middle.

15 December 2009

Christmas Cards

The first card used the iris-folding technique. The wreath is all punched stars. The bottom are glittered hand-cut trees.

11 December 2009

More Holiday Cards II

A few more. I like using repeat designs.

10 December 2009

Cards Galore

I had a little fun using glue and foiling on the top two cards. Also used glitter paper to cut out the "flower" design. The bottom two were mostly rub-ons and stickers, but still fun to do.

07 December 2009

More Holiday Cards

A Trio of holiday cards. I used dimensional stickers and dots to raise the designs up from the background. I also used purples and dark pinks for a slightly "retro" feel

05 December 2009

Hanukkah Cards

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Some of the cards I made for 2009 Hanukkah

19 November 2009

Thanksgiving Cards

Turkey design, using Iris-Folding Technique
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18 November 2009

Autumn Cards

Some Cards I've made for the Autumn and Thanksgiving

25 October 2009

Welcome Back

A co-worker has been out after an mva, but she's coming back Monday , so I made her a welcome back card!
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24 October 2009

Halloween Cards. Pt 2

These are 5.5 inches square. I used ribbon, Die-cuts, pucnches
and glitter. :)
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23 October 2009

Some Halloween Cards, Pt 1

Just 3 of the 70 or so Halloween Cards I have made this year
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22 October 2009

29 September 2009

Halloween is coming

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One of the first Halloween cards of the year.

01 September 2009

My first Spirelli

My first Spirelli
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My first little spirelli, a form of string art

24 August 2009

Butterfly Tree

I've been on a tree kick lately, it seems.
This is one of several trees I've done.
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22 August 2009

World of Warcraft

I admit, I play. Too much. This is my Druid,
Balasanamoo in cat-form. :)
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20 August 2009

09 August 2009

Chocoholic Chocolate-Chip Cookies

I also made 2 batches of these cookies for the reception. The recipe can be found in Diane Mott Davidson's "The Main Corpse". I know. Not a terribly appetizing title, but the cookies are great and the book was really good too!

02 August 2009

Sour Cream Coffee Cake

Sour Cream Coffee Cake. Yum! This was a big hit at
my friends house a few weeks ago. So much so, she asked me to make
a few for her wedding reception his week.
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