23 February 2009

i hate my job

ok. not the job as much as the hypocrites and sanctimonious liars i work FOR. otherwise it would be fine.

this picture makes me feel better-

03 February 2009

The Great Backyard Bird Count

Don't miss out! I'm counting this year for sure.

02 February 2009

The ducks were out in force tonight.

Lots of Ring Neck Ducks, even some females, which I haven't seen before at this lake. I guess they come back closer to dark.

We did have to avoid those evil geese a bit though. Coots are great fun, and we saw a few Cormorants again.

01 February 2009

Coots at the Lake

We headed over to the park today to walk around the lake. We didn't get far because the sun was too bright. But, the Coots had us laughing. A few weeks ago ( before the picture) I had thrown one of them an olive from one of the trees near the lake. I don't know if I started a trend with them, but we noticed them running from the tree back to the lake as we approached. We decided turn around and go back, the Coots were back at the olive tree and one had an olive in it's beak. After we got a bit past them again, we turned and sure enough there were two the Coots heading back for the olive tree!