22 March 2009

Easter Cards - Part 1

I finished these yesterday 3/21/09

I hope you like them. They are also on my flickr

Death of a Banana, birth of dessert!

I had about 7 VERY ripe bananas this morning, begging to to be put out of their misery.
My husband won't eat them once they get 1 little brown spot on them, and I can't eat a ton. I promised them something great- Banana Bread and Banana Chocolate-Chip muffins. These I can eat a ton. With coffee! or Tea1
Theres a ton of great and easy peasy recipes using bisquick, which is what I used for both of these.

21 March 2009

is today Saturday already?

That was a quick day. It got quite warm here (90-ish) and the birds were quite happy. I even had one of the female Hummingbirds fly right up to me while I was in the yard watering.

She took a sip from this plant.

20 March 2009

Happy Friday, Happy 1st of Spring

Happy first of Spring.

Got a box of goodies from Mom today, including 3 Martha Stewart Punches I hadn't found here.

Mom's in hospital, hope she gets better soon!

19 March 2009

another lame-o thursday

this little guy enjoyed the day. sunny and warm and great tanning if you are a gecko

18 March 2009

Signs Of Spring in Maricopa County

Signs of Spring! The top two were taken at http://www.riparianinstitute.org/. There were tons of waterfowl and water birds like Egrets, Avocets, Stilts, Cormorants and Coots.

Great place in Gilbert AZ for birding.

And I made Spring bird cards!

More on my Flickr page at