31 October 2010

27 October 2010

Shiny Green Card

Shiny Green. A "makes you happy" kind of card.
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25 October 2010

Torn to Pieces, Part Two

I think patterned paper works best for the "torn" look.
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24 October 2010

Torn to Pieces

Torn to Pieces, in a good way. I like the way they flow.
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20 October 2010

Lazy me.

My poor neglected blog. I've made lots and lots of stuff this summer and haven't posted hardly anything. Watch closely, as I'm going to start "filling in the blanks", as it were. I blame it on Lorna, Laura, Maggie, Susan, Heather, Kim and every other author whose books I've been too busy reading to post here. Shame on you all for such good work :)

16 October 2010

Laveen Community Health Fair

My booth from Saturday 16-October, Laveen Health Fair